Movie Reviews: Movie Review: Texas Chainsaw (2013)

it is never a strggle and always ready to get started. It is a small, lightweight, saw, but it packs a lot of power with it’s 30.5 cc engine and a 14 inch cutting bar. I bought my chainsaw reluctantly, during a local drough which was killing a lot of vegetation. . I needed to clear some dead trees that weren’t too big, but I couldn’t get a pro interested in the job because there were so many bigger jobs out there. When I bought this saw, it was almost an impulse. The Echo CS-310 was reasonably priced at just under $200, and although I was hesitant about the classic problems with chainsaw starting and maintenance, I jumped in and got it home to start work. The easy start right out of the boxwas a great surprise. It was easy to get started and the light weight, 8.8 lbs., makes it very consumer friendly. The ports for fuel and chain lubrication are very accessible. Echo even thought to include a tool for adjusting chain tension which is simple, and the automatic chain lubrication works really well as long as I remember to refill the tank when I top off the fuel. With a generous five year consumer warranty of 5 years, there is little to nothing to complain about. Standard vibration reduction and the usual safety features, such as a dual-post chain brake that stops the chain immediately if triggered by a kickback, and top-mounted air filter which is very accessible, I highly recommthis the Echo CS-310. Professional in it’s ability, lightweight, and very affordable.
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Heather and her friends head up there to check the place out, little do they know our buddy leatherface still lives there and is ready to pick them off one by one. What should be an absolute riot turns out to be a badly directed, poorly written mess of a film. Riddled with contradictions that make it inconsistent with the original to say the least, Texas chainsaw feels like it was put together to make a quick buck, and it shows. The film also misses opportunities to go bat shit crazy and give us the bloodiest TCM yet. Take for example the sequence where Leatherface pursues Heather through a carnival, this was a brilliant oppurtunity to have Leatherface rack up a serious body count killing everyone who gets in his path, but instead the filmmakers chickened out, i guess mediocrity is in this season. The one thing the film has going for it is eye candy. Its looks great and there are some nice looking ladies in the form of Alexandra Daddario and Tania Raymonde. Raymonde being the hottest in my humble opinion, sorry Daddario fans. Anyways the film is nice to look at, but little else. This was a great opportunity to bring back Leatherface and bring him into this decade, bigger, bloodier and nastier. But sadly it just dosen’t deliver.
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